February 29, 2012


You guys hit a home run with that match.  Benjamin is spiritually centered, witty, kind, smart, and has a strength about him that is very settling.  He is honorable.  My heart dances when we are together.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being good at what you do!
And yes, please put me on a very happy hold!

February 29, 2012

The following are a few of the qualities that I appreciate the most about Amy:
Confidence – Amy posses a great deal of confidence in herself and her outlook on life and what she wants to achieve!
Self-respect – I admire her tenacity for health and fitness that reflects a quality of self-respect .
Compassion – Amy has a sincere willingness to relate and understand me,
Loving – Being loving and affectionate towards her family and those close to her.
Kindness, gentleness and a good heart –  Amy is very sensitive, gentle and caring despite all the harshness and arrogant attitude out there in today’s society.
Intelligence and wisdom – Amy possess a great willingness and desire to learn and grow, and to develop a deeper understanding of herself, and the world around her.
Please place my matches on hold and I will contact the office if I need to reactive my membership
Thank you Donni for all your help and for pointing me in the right direction ( my match w/Amy)

February 28, 2012

Dear Kathrine,

First, in case you decide to share this with others, I want to offer a few words of wisdom. These matchmakers really know what they’re doing. At first I didn’t think so. I was skeptical, and my first introduction left me even more skeptical. I even turned down another introduction because it didn’t sound right, at least not on paper. I began to think maybe this had been a bad idea.

Then they called me about Kristie. On paper, she didn’t seem right for me either. But I accepted the introduction and called her and it’s changed my life. Our first date was magical to say the least. I haven’t connected with anyone that deeply for so long that I had forgotten how wonderful it is. I don’t use the word “soul-mates” lightly; in fact, never in my life have I felt inclined to describe someone as a soul mate – until now. Kristie is fantastic. She’s smart and witty, honest and affectionate, and I truly cherish every wonderful minute that we spend together. Our relationship is still young but I already believe in my heart that she is the perfect companion that I have been seeking my whole life.

So thank you, for bringing Kristie into my life despite my initial misgivings. Clearly you folks look beyond the paper to see the real people you are working for and you are obviously much better at matching people than I imagined.

Please let this letter serve as my official notice to put my account on hold.



February 20, 2012

Hello all,

Yes Nadia and I seem to be a good match at the moment. Some of her Good qualities are she is a very nice woman. She is a woman of God. And she is just very pleasant to be around. I enjoy her company. At this time I would like to put my membership on hold and not see anyone for right now.

Thank You,


February 17, 2012

Dina has been very pleasant to meet. She is interesting, polite, let’s the man lead but is not afraid to give her opinion. She spends her money wisely. She gives her time to help others and is focused on family. She has a strong work ethic. We have been on 4 dates. With the exception of our date on Valentine’s Day, all have been very good. We worked out the Valentine’s Day issue and plan to meet again next weekend.

Please put my account on hold.



February 17, 2012

Hello Kathrine,
Shila understands communication is a big part of a relationship, we talk to each other to 2 times a day. Most women think you are getting to serious and when I am with her I can hold her hand, give her a hug n kiss when I feel she needs one and I’m not getting too serious. She is just an all around nice lady, fun to be with n hang out with, It’s not fun being alone. It’s just nice (or refreshing i should say) to meet a nice lady like she is n we have a lot in common. I would like to see where this goes for now!!! ;)
Thank You so much for matching us, I really appreciate it and will keep you guys up to date on our relationship. Thanks again . :)