July 24, 2013

Donni – I am confirming that my membership is on hold.
The qualities in Ken that brought me to this decision are as follows:
He is very attractive.
He is very sweet.
He loves animals (even my cats).
He is very health conscious and takes very good care of himself.
We get along very well and I really enjoy spending time with him.
Ken is actually my first match so I didn’t work with you on this.  It was Megan (I believe that is her name).  Please thank her for me.
Please let me know if you have other questions.
Thank you so much.

July 24, 2013

Hi Lucy,
Kevin has many qualities I like in a partner, mainly a positive and energetic approach to life.  Good playful humor and a sense of caring for people.  Nice looking and good dresser.
I have great hopes for the latest match.
I appreciate your efforts on my behalf and will put my search “on hold” for now.
Thank you, Rhonda

July 19, 2013


I’m enjoying getting to know Hallie, as she’s fun, interesting, very attractive, and a bit silly.

I have found my last several matches to be much better than previous ones.  In the past, I found many of my matches to be in the ballpark in terms of interests, level of education, etc., but I didn’t find them to be attractive.  It seems like we’re getting going in a much better direction!  Thanks!