November 26, 2013


I enjoyed my first meeting with John. He was very handsome and   quite approachable. In spite of the initial awkwardness of first meeting, I felt comfortable quickly. Not only did he show his quick wit and his interest In what I had to say( a unique quality that I don’t often see in men), he even enjoyed Chardonnay ( 😀 ) He is active and is curious – attributes that I admire. Since he just moved to Santa Rosa, he indicated an interest in checking activities available here( I love to be tour guide). He is the type of guy that I have been hoping for. Of course, Since our date was only one hour in duration, I feel excited about getting to know him. I am a little anxious due to vacant promises from other prospective dates thru dating services before, I hold hope that he has the integrity to keep THE PROMISE of calling back. I hold hope, and appreciate Marie’s continuing efforts in finding THE MAN for me- Thanx, Marie. Marie has held a positive manner even in times when I just wanted to give up. Please put my membership on hold until I see how things work out with John. I am hopeful! Happy T Day!

November 26, 2013

Hi Megan,
I would like to put my membership on hold. I have been spending a lot of time with Paul and things are going great! It’s hard to believe that you may have picked my right “match” on your first try but I definitely won’t complain. I knew from the 2nd date that he was a great match for me and has the qualities that I am looking for. He is fun, athletic, hard working and has great family values. Thanksgiving dinner with his family is next 🙂
Thank you! Tracy

November 23, 2013

I would like to put my membership on hold and thank Lucy for all the work she has done on my behalf.  Doris and I seem to have a lot in common so it fun to see where this will lead.

Thank you Lucy