December 23, 2013

So far my experience with Celso has been a lot of fun.  He is a gentleman and gentle man.  I’ve noticed that he is a very good listener, has asked me a lot of questions instead of just talking about himself, it sounds like he has made a lot of strides to better himself and how he would like to be in relationship and he’s a good communicator,  I appreciate that he feels comfortable talking about his “stuff” which is important to me and then turn around and show me his humorous, lighter  side as well.  There’s a nice balance there that I like and am attracted to. I like his adventuresome and exploring nature.  He seems very sincere and honest.
I guess  with feed back that helps you over time make better choices.  I would have liked to have met you Donni at the beginning so you could have gotten a sense of me in person different than just trying to know me somewhat  from the paperwork and a few chats on the phone. Over all it’s been an interesting experience for me.  
Celso was my 6th match and  you can put it on hold as he and I get more acquainted.  It seems like in this moment we are a pretty fine match.  I’ll keep in touch and let you know how it’s going.  
Thanks for the time you have put in all these months to introduce me to these fellows.  

December 23, 2013


One of the things I like about Vicki is that it has been so easy to connect with her. When I first contacted her, she said she wasn’t ready to date at the moment, but that she would call me when she was ready. Eventually she called, and we have gone out several times since. Each date has worked out well and we continue to get to know each other better. On a stroll through a used book store we discovered that we had read a number of the same books and had similar opinions about them. We also have similar tastes in movies. I like the fact that she has had the same job for 38 years (I’ve been at mine for 35), so we have similar work ethics. On one date, when we met with her twin brother and his friend, we discovered that her brother was a good friend of my best friend Steve who passed away several years ago. In fact we were both at his memorial… how weird is that?

I would like to say that I have enjoyed working with everyone at Match Making, especially you Marie. I really enjoyed our phone conversations, and feel like I’ve gotten to know you over the last few months. I’m sorry I won’t be working with you in the future, if all goes well that is, and happy to say I’d like to put my membership on hold for the time being.

Thanks again for everything,