January 30, 2014


I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am! I have never felt this way about anyone and it’s only been a week. I can already predict Andrew and I will have a wonderful future together and we both chuckled at your’s and Marie’s comment about inviting you both to the wedding 🙂  

Your expertise at putting us together is a true gift!! Yes there is geographical distance between us, but we’ve already decided we’ll both make it work. Andrew and my story is so similar, it’s uncanny. You could not have picked two better people to be together. He’s the one for me!


January 30, 2014


My experience with Cal Single started off a little rocky, but each time got better and better.  I really hope this girl you have found me works.

Thank you


Please hold my account for now

January 23, 2014

Hey Megan,

Yes, our meeting was very nice!  Dawn is a very cool lady, fun,  and has a great personality.  She is very warm, interested in our conversation, and has great energy, we hit it off nicely.  She is very pretty and I had a hard time taking my eyes off of her!  I’m looking forward to seeing her again soon!!

The matchmaking department and you have been very professional, very helpful, took an active interest in my finding me the right person through my feedback, and were key to this meeting. 

I would like to put my membership on hold, at this point to see where things go with Dawn.

Thanks for everything!