May 28, 2014


Apparently Doug and I have quite a few things in common. We both like cars, football, taking drives esp. in the mountains and so many more things.  Doug was a gentleman from the first meeting. That I appreciate. He is very proud of his family and enjoys talking about them, just as I enjoy talking about my family. I would like to thank you and Donni and the folks there at Match Making. I don’t know where things will go from here, but I must say, you folks are wonderful. If things do not work out here, I’m sure you will bring someone in my life that will be as charming and caring as you.

Thank you,


May 28, 2014

Hello Kathrine,
At this time I would like to request that my membership be put on hold.   I am currently excited and intrigued to see where things go with Shawn.  I met him last month (April).  As you know the first quality I put for a possible date was that they be kind.  Shawn is just that, he has been a perfect gentleman.  He has shown me that chivalry is not dead.  Which is new to me and exciting.    I have actually pinched myself to see if this was real.  I hope it is.  Shawn is intelligent, witty, fun, exciting, and very busy.  Finding time to date is challenging at times, but it’s worth the wait. 
Thank you Kathrine for all you’ve done. You are so up beat.  You’ve listened to some of my concerns 
and have been a real joy to work with. 
Thank you,

May 27, 2014

Hi Donni,

Thanks a lot.  I really enjoyed this experience.  Everybody in the team is very professional, and the simplicity of the system makes it very effective.

Yes, I want to put my membership on hold.  Meredith is very special. She has good sense of humor, is a very enjoyable person and looks great.  I feel very fortunate about meeting her.

Best regards,