Hi Marie,
Attached is a photo of Sam and me from our 2nd date (*photo kept in matchmaking*). I think we have now gone out six times now and are definitely enjoying each other’s company and characters.
Some of the qualities I appreciate about him are: upbeat, articulate, entertaining, easy-going, not aggressive or pushy, intelligent, very attractive, active, athletic, involved and loving father, excellent listener, generous, considerate, wholesome, nice, honest.
I have enjoyed all of my communications with the matchmaking department. Everyone is cheerful, enthusiastic, and optimistic.
You have been a joy. I suspect you purposefully introduce potential dates in a quick manner because you know that in the end, a lot of what counts is simply the chemistry between two people. To be honest, initially I was a bit disappointed with some of the guys I was introduced to — make no mistake, they are all VERY NICE — but I didn’t know if my message of needing to be matched up to an extremely good-looking, handsome, fit (and NOT overweight!!!) person was getting through. I would imagine there are few really attractive men in my age bracket with the desired characteristics and background I was seeking. What I also appreciated is that you introduced me to men who lived farther away than I originally wanted. I quickly realized I liked the added distance because I was/am able to learn about a new area and it’s easier to maintain my independence and autonomy. 
However, I am delighted to have met Sam and we are getting along splendidly. 
I would like to confirm that I would like to place my membership on hold for the time-being.
Sending you appreciation and thanks.

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