July 30, 2014

Donni is a lovely, outgoing person.  I know she tried hard to find me someone compatible. Just as I was losing all hope, I was introduced to Kevin.

Kevin is a kind, sweet, generous, charming gentleman.  He truly is.  Who knew they still existed?  We’re still getting to know each other, and I’m enjoying the adventure.

Please put my membership on hold in the meantime.



Thank you.


July 27, 2014

Here are my comments in response to your message.
1.  After you gave me Sharon’s phone number, I called her that night.  We talked for about an hour and set a dinner date for the next night which was Saturday.  We met at a Village Inn not far from her home.  I realize this was not a very romantic location but she was pressed for time because a real estate person had a meeting with her.  We met for about an hour and set a tentative date for last night which was kept.  As it stands right now we have a date next week-end.  Sharon is one of those rare people that you almost instantly know you want to know more about.  I guess this can be call instant connection and it does not happened very often.  She is very likable, a good conversationalist, down to earth.  She seems to have likes of things and activities very similar to mine.  She does not seem to be operating from behind a facade and trying to present someone she is not.  Of course I am still in the process of learning who she really is what what this may mean to our relationship.  In short I am very pleased with this match hope it is the last one you make for me.  Thank you for finding her.
2.  In general working with your organization has been a positive experience.  In particular (although not very long) working with you has been great.  You are positive and very helpful.
3.  This is confirmation that I want you to put me on hold until Sharon and I figure out what we are going to do and what the future holds.  I am the sort of person who wants to spend my time, effort and financial resources on one person at a time.

July 25, 2014

Well I am happy to say veronica and i have a lot in common. She is a solid woman with good strong family values. I look forward to getting to now more about each other and build a strong foundation to build are life on with trust honesty and respect. I like to thank Lucy and your staff for all you have done to help all this com to lite. Lucy said to and put my member ship on hold I do not think I will being needed it any more that how strong I belie in what you have help me find.