This confirms that I would like my membership to be put on hold.

Roberta’s first impression is of a little jewel, with her copper red hair, shiny nails, and bright clothes. But appearances deceive. Beneath that glitter is a lady who has endured much hardship, but has somehow managed to come through it, inevitably scarred, but still full of kindness, gentleness, good humor, and a great deal of love. Frankly, I doubt that I could have endured what she did without becoming bitter and angry. She is quite extraordinary. I am humbled by her.

I have also totally misjudged her intelligence. She is perceptive and wise, and though her left brain irrationality sometimes completely nonplusses me, her right side understanding of behavior and feelings has left me breathless. She has much to teach me. I hope I have the wisdom to listen and learn.

She deserves someone who treasures her for who she is. Maybe that will be me — at this point, I am trying my damndest to make it so. But it is important that she be given every opportunity to find the right person even if it is not. I was given a gift for over 45 years. She deserves the same. 

Having said that, you brought Roberta to me, and for that I would beat down the pearly gates to get you in.


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