November 28, 2014

Jim is delightful and he smiles very much. He is good at sharing and as we get to know each other I am becoming more excited. He is a gentleman; he helped with my coat, and walked me to my car.. we will meet again on next Thursday.
  It very good to be working with Keiland,  too, he’s doing a great job, and is a good listener.

November 27, 2014


I  finally had a good connection with Mark. He is a good conversationalist. Has similar interests in music and cats.our food at the Waterloo Inn was delicious. A fire by our table was nice. We laughed and I think we both enjoyed the evening. He knew a guy I went out with in high school. He was attractive and when he reached across the table and took my hand he touched my heart.he walked me to the car.  He is the only man who has smiling eyes. This is the only date was drawn to. I would like to date him and put my membership on hold if Mark agrees. Thank you .

Thank you!


November 25, 2014

First about Janece. We do have a number of areas of commonality. We have visited a number of similar areas (cities and sites), we both lost our spouses way too early – age wise and we both have moral and religious values that are very close. She is a very nice lady who is still going through some of feelings about her deceased husband that I went through for the first year after my wife past unexpectedly. That is not a bad thing but must be faced in order to move on! She is not ready to move past a friendly relationship at this time and I am not sure right now I am either.
Thank You,