December 24, 2014


Carol’s sense of humor along with her life long passion for staying in shape and staying involved in sports that require a high level of fitness made her a perfect match for me.  This is the kind of woman I am looking for, if it does not work out with Carol then hopefully  CA singles can help me find an active companion.  Ashlee, you did a fantastic job matching me with Carol and I feel she is truly working hard to find me a match.


December 23, 2014

Hi Lucy,
  When I met Gene, I was surprised at how good looking he was, and thought, this guy should have no problem finding a date! He’s very soft spoken, didn’t swear once, interesting to talk too, and just a very pleasant companion. When he walked me to the car, there was no inappropriate touching either! I like you as my matchmaker so far, lol, but we haven’t had a lot of time to talk yet, and if this match does work, we won’t have to either! So, I am formally asking my membership be placed on hold. Thanks for the wonderful service, Lucy!
Merry Christmas,

December 22, 2014

Hi Marie!

This email is to confirm that I would like to place a hold on my membership in order to give me  more time to explore my friendship with Bruce. Some of the things I like about Bruce are his height, build, eyes, personality, smile and his gentle ways. I have only had the opportunity to speak with you a couple of times but feel comfortable speaking with you, Shawn and previously Donnie. Have a great Christmas and New Year! I will be in touch!