February 23, 2015

Dear Sara,

I appreciate you and the service the agency has given to me.  All of your people have been very pleasant and helpful.  Thank you.

I am at a point now where I need to take some hold time. Frank is really ambitious, and is usually buried in his work.  I actually like that about him.  I like someone who has his own life going, and isn’t waiting for me to entertain him.  Frank is smart, has a good sense of humor, and treats me very well.  I also knew Frank about 35 years ago–in another life!!  It has been fun re-connecting with him.  I had never dated him before so this is new.

I really don’t know the direction we are going, but I know I enjoy spending time with Frank.  I’ll keep you posted.  And thanks again for everything you’ve done.


February 20, 2015

Hi Lucy,
Regarding Judy, I found her visually to be very attractive, with a very nice figure, and a nice build (slender).  She was also very nicely dressed, without being over-dressed.  Excellent first impression.  In talking with her I found her to be very articulate and open, have a great sense of humor, and a nice personality.  We immediately found that we have a lot of common interests, including golf, wine, music, the arts, etc.  Although we did not immediately recognize each other at the outset, after talking for about 15 minutes I realized that I had met her and her now late husband some time around 1987 when they first came to the Modesto area, and that we had attended some social functions together.  As soon as we exchanged last names, everything clicked.  We are now contemplating the things that we will start with to get to know each better (local concerts and/or theater events, dinning out, golfing, wine tastings), to see if we can indeed build this into a long term relationship.  We certainly had a great time together in our first encounter, with both of us indicating such.  I think it was comforting to Judy to meet someone she already knew something about, since she is venturing into a new world after having been married to one man for almost 40 years.
I know I have been a challenging case for your matchmaking department, and for you, Lucy, in particular.  I am not interested in casual dating, and have therefore quickly put aside any ladies that I was introduced to that I did not consider to be strong possibles as my last partner in life.  Finally, I have met a lady that has such potential.  Only time will tell how this plays out.  Thank you, Lucy, for your patience and understanding.   It has always been a pleasure talking with you, Lucy.
I do want to confirm that I want to put my membership on hold while I explore the possibilities with Judy.  At this point it appears that she represents everything I was looking for in a partner, so, we will see over time if this is indeed the case.
Thanks again,

February 9, 2015

Hi, Sabrina….I have been seeing Jack for about 3 weeks. We have so much in common. He is truly a pleasure to spend time with. He is a true gentleman and is very attentive. I would like to put my account on hold so I have time to get to know him better. Who knows….maybe he is “the one”. If so, I have you to thank. You have worked so hard for me and I am genuinely appreciative. I will keep you posted. I thank you again. I will not hesitate to recommend your company. Respectfully, Terry