March 30, 2015

Please put my membership on hold,
The qualities I appreciate about Margaret are: She is a good conversationalist; She has a good since of humor; She makes one feel very comfortable around her; We both share the same view of the world; and I think she my be smarter than I am, a trait that I like; She is well preserved for her age and looks younger than she is, which of course is due to her having a high self esteem.
The matchmaker (Carolyn) has been more than patent with me as I have been very neglectful in responding back promptly as I should. The past month I have had a lot on my plate and the time zone difference for contacts I was not adjusting to.  But, henceforth I am going to do better.
In my short tenure with Albuquerque Singles Carolyn is my second Matchmaker, and I hope I get to stay with Carolyn as my Matchmaker.

March 27, 2015

Carolyn, Marvin and I went out a couple of times in February and enjoyed ourselves. He let me know about two weeks after our second date that he would be traveling in March. He asked if he could call me in April. I told him that would be fine. Hopefully I will hear back from him in early April. I would like to place my membership on hold to see where things go with Marvin. I will let you know if or when I wish to meet someone new. Thanks.  Diane

March 26, 2015

I would like to thank Match Making.  I have met a wonderful man because of them.  Tim is so kind, generous, compassionate, and very much a gentleman.  We have so much in common is was somewhat scary at first!  Since our first date, we have seen each other every day.  We are excited about our future and what it holds for us.  I believe he is the ‘one’ for me!!
I would like to thank Holly for doing a great job ‘pairing’ Tim and I up.  She took the time to listen to what I wanted in a man and it worked!!  She was easy to contact and if I left a message she would contact me right away.
I would like to put my membership on hold….I don’t believe I will be needing it anymore!