Hi, Marie,
Thank you so much for introducing me to Kip!  He is a warm and charming gentleman with a twinkle in his eyes and a delightful sense of humor.  He also happens to be very good looking!  I am sure he has much depth and is a loving, caring father.  Being a devoted father says a lot about a man.
My experience with the matchmaking department has been very interesting.  I have met a lot of men with varying amounts of “chemistry”.  Some were very much not to my taste and others were very nice and I liked them but apparently missing mutual chemistry.  Kip has, without a doubt, outshone them all by light years. With very few exceptions, my phone experiences with your office staff have been very warm and pleasant. A couple have been brusque and even a bit rude.  I enjoyed working with Donni very much and I have missed her.  My experiences with Sean were very pleasant.  I wish him well.
Working with you, Marie, has been a joy.  You are so warm, receptive, and supportive as well as a wonderful dating (and life!) coach!  😃. And a great judge of character!
At this point in time, perhaps having met the cream of the crop for me, I wish to place my membership on hold in order to see where Kip’s and my relationship goes.
Thank you so much, Marie!  I will be in frequent touch.  You are a dream.
All the best,

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