Thank you Ashlee.  What I like about Ryan is his charisma, and lack of intimidation over my accomplishments. I did not have to water myself down, or be concerned that I could be perceived as bragging.  He is passionate about life and is in a good place as far as his past.  He is direct and comfortable with his opinions.  He is able to communicate without being rude or condescending, which I really like.  He also admires others easily.

In the beginning I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t communicating well, or if a face to face with my matchmaker would have been better.  I was matched with men who may have been matched to me on paper, but there was absolutely zero chemistry.  I can say that Ashlee always remained positive, and didn’t want to give up.

I am putting my membership on hold to see where this leads.
thank you, Celina Hatt

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