Hello Donni.
Well, first of all I would like to place my account on hold!
Pat and I have hit it off right from the start. We have so many thing that are alike it is scary. I would have never tried to meet her because she is short and a county music person. BUT, we both like to walk on the beach, go to different places just for a walk, the same movies, etc., etc.. I like to take my time with her because I like to ease into a relation, but that didn’t happen, she moved in to my house after we knew each other for a very short time. I know about her problems with cancer and her family, we work together on that. She really likes to hug and kiss and that is one thing that I really love about her. Right now we are going through that time of getting to know each other and slide into the day by day life that we all need and never appreciate.
Life is worth living again, after my divorce of my second wife and the death of my first wife, life didn’t seem worth struggling through. Now it is GREAT!
Well, that is about it for now, be kind to yourself and eat some chocolate.

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