Yes, ‘Jamie’ is very nice and we seemed to hit it off fairly well. I guess mostly it was just a feeling of comfort and ease speaking with her right off the bat.  We seem to have similar tastes and interests.  Our humor seems to be compatible.  She is independent, motivated, intelligent, but also likes to have fun and be active.  I also find her very attractive which is of course an important quality.
Generally speaking I’ve been happy with the service.  The quality of the matches has been good, it’s a bit frustrating having to wait so long between matches when you’re sure you are not interested in the last one, however I do understand the purpose for the wait.  Jess, this is just your first match for me so of course I’ve been very satisfied working with you!
I’ve never been one to be comfortable seeing multiple women at the same time (that just sounds like trouble to me…not to mention a lot of work!) so yes, please put my membership on hold while I see if Heather and I are the real deal.
Thank you,

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