Hi Keiland,

Thank you so much for the wonderful match you made with Mark and I!  I new instantly that there was a connection with Mark. He is by far the sweetest man I’ve ever had the pleasure of dating, not to mention fun, intelligent, and attractive. We have so much in common and compliment each other well. It was a relief going into this knowing that we were compatible off the bat, which takes a lot of pressure off wondering if we would have anything to talk about.  Everything was natural and effortless on our first date.  As a result, we were eager to go on a second and more since. You really listened to my comments and what was important to me, and this second match was as close to perfect as you could get.  I would certainly like to confirm that I want my membership placed on hold at this time. Thank you again for all you do, and for introducing me to a such a wonderful person! 


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