Your service has been incredible! Their initial evaluation was personable yet professional. I was anxious to get started, so they introduced me to my first lady within two weeks of hiring their service. Though we weren’t right for each other, I provided feedback about my preferences and what I’d rather avoid. Within a week, Ashlee, my local matchmaker, offered me a new match. When I called the proposed match, she was unavailable the following week (because her son was in a major car accident). When I updated Ashlee, she offered me another candidate the next day! I met her that weekend, and Ashlee got it right! Three days later, I am driving 92 miles to reconnect with her ASAP!  I am quite impressed with the quality of service and the quality of the possible candidates. Though we’ve only met once and talked on the phone once, I already feel that she may be the one! I had been looking on-line at a “free” service, but am very glad that I hired these professionals to do a wonderful job of screening for me. Kathy and Ashlee, have been worth every bit of the investment–especially for such a delicate and valuable aspect of my life! Thank you–VERY HIGHLY recommended!

Thank you, again. Bob

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