A very beautiful woman

To begin with, Brenda is a very beautiful woman. Her body proportions and attributes are very attractive. I like the long dark hair. I also appreciate that she’s of the Jewish faith as it fits better with my particular faith, which is Torah observant Christianity. Brenda has no trouble carrying in a conversation. She’s very interesting. I like listening as much as talking. She and I share a lot of the same tastes in music, movies, activities, and life values. We met at an Italian restaurant. We had dinner and talked until after the restaurant closed. They didn’t ask us to leave until they had to lock up. They were very nice about it.  As of today, 30 Nov 2015, I would like to place my membership on hold while I get to know Brenda.
Thank you,

I’ve been looking for

Thanks Holly.

Yes, Aimee and I had a great time for our first meet/date.  We had dinner near her house at a nice restaurant along with good conversation.  I liked that she was like me and not like me at the same time.  We have a number of things in common with our drive, careers, hobbies, view on life and background.  She is from a background that she is doing more from along with when always had a smile on her face.  She has the confidence to tell me right away that she didn’t learn how to swim until a later age, and i thought that is the right kind of confidence i’ve been looking for, without a hold up that it is seen as “not cool”.
She is fun, smart and attractive…which are my favorite general qualities to name.
I’d like to put my membership on hold…so i can see where this goes.
Please confirm for me that that will happen, and we can talk soon once Aimee and i have our 2nd date.
Thank you,

Sweet and pretty

sabrina:   karin is  very sweet and pretty.  what i like about her is hard to explain’ i just find myself thinking about her all the time’  we seem to like all the same things. i look forward to seeing her but at the same time i don’t want to rush things.  so i have to force myself to keep it slow.  i am looking forwARD TO OUR FUTURE TOGETHER. sorry about the sloppy typing.

i do want to put my dating on hold. thank you sabrina and marie.