​I would like to put my membership on hold. I would like to say thanks to Jess for helping me. She was always so nice to talk with and after each date we would always talk and would go over how thing went and how she could improve my next date. She worked with me and I have met Kathy. She is so easy to talk with, has a good personality, a big heart, and attractive. THANKS JESS

Express my gratitude

Hi Lorena:

Thanks for your call.  I’m fortunate to have found a great match with Nancy, who shares my passionate love of movies and is open to experiencing some of my other loves, like classical music.  She is kind, patient, a great listener with an open mind, and a liberal like me!  I really enjoy spending time with her & I’m grateful to you for introducing us.
I would like to place my membership on hold or possibly discontinue it at this time.  I wanted to express my appreciation to you & Sabrina for being so helpful.

Speaks well for your service

Dear Holly:
Thanks for returning my call.
I have had a first date w/ Alexandra and am going to see her again tomorrow.
First date:  We met at a restaurant of her choosing in Danville.
Conversation was good.  No pregnant pauses.
Your selection of her speaks well for your service.
She is bright, accomplished, attractive and experienced.
You placed me with a solid person.
Please put me on hold until further notice.
Thanks, Mark