Yes, I want to confirm that I would like to place my membership on hold.
Some of the qualities about Lynn…
she exercises and has a very healthy diet without going to extremes.  Long term this will benefit us both.  Much easier for me to continue what I have started.  Willing to try different types of experiences, music (went to production together) and food (Korean and Vietnamese), remembers details about our conversations (was listening/interested)
her balance between her family and our time. How her beliefs make her a positive person without pushing it on others.  (Living by example), manages situations without drama
we can enjoy just taking on the phone for an extended time.
I also wanted to include a photo of us.  This was in December, where I work.  She came to our employee appreciation dinner.
It was her idea on the hats.  She has a nice sense of humor also.
*Picture removed for privacy purposes*

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