You did a good job matching me

Hi there Kalima. This is my third match but the first one from you, so you did a good job matching me to someone that had similar interests and values
Some of Bob’s good qualities are:
We have a similar value system
Good family man
Responsible , honest , sincere, dependable, nice , funny ,smart
Hard worker and provider
We have a similar upbringing we relate to
A good communicator
A gentleman
Open to trying new things
Many thanks for your help and for always getting back to me quickly when I call. You have been very pleasant to work with on this interesting journey
Please put my membership on hold until further notice.

The magic touch

Hi Andrea –

I wanted to confirm that I am placing my account oh hold.  Thank you for introducing me to Tony.  He has been such a gentleman, easy to talk to, can carry a conversation, has good values for friends and family and has been great to get better acquainted with.  So far, everything is great, I have seen him every day since we have originally met.  I will keep you posted on the progress and let you know when the wedding is.  🙂

You have taken the time to get to know me, what I like, dislike and what will work for me in a successful relationship.  If I only knew it could be this easy, I would have called you years ago.  You truly have the magic touch for helping people find a life partner for happiness! I will follow up with a yelp post after this e-mail.

Thanks a million!!!!

The one for me

Hi Keiland,
Yes please place my account on hold while Steve and I see where things are going. Right now everything is going great. We see each other almost every day. He is a very sweet and kind man who seems to love God as much as I do. We share our faith and have attended church together every Sunday so far since we met. I finally told him today we do not need to go out to dinner tonight. I cannot tell you how many times he’s taken me out since we met. He is a true gentleman and may just be the one for me. I realize he might not be right for everyone but can’t that be said for all of us? We only need that one match that is right for us. It doesn’t hurt a bit that he is so cute and has his life in order.
Things have gone much better with my matchmaking experiences since you began helping me. I really appreciate your efforts.
Thank you much,