Hi Holly,

I went into my recent trip to Africa, with the idea that i was coming out of it with different ideas and decisions made and/or decided.  I am 33, have lived a good deal of “life”, and knew it was time to figure a few things out.  And in that thinking, i decided to open myself up more and live honestly in whatever moment that is now, as myself in full honesty.
And in that thinking, i think i allowed myself to free my mind and let someone in.
Tamila is soo lovely and seems to be my complete match in how i would think we are the same…yet perfectly different.
I’ve told her this twice already in our early connection, that i want to know everything about her.  Everything i have learned thus far, only perpetuates me wanting to find out more.  I feel like a teenager again.  🙂
Please hold the service, as i would like to pursue Tamila 100% and see where we could go.
Your help has been so great from the beginning and it is crazy how you have been able to learn who i am so well.  To help me find someone that could be “the woman of my dreams”.
Cheers and thank you.

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