She has been wonderful

Hello Amber,
Some the qualities that attract me to Cynthia are:
1)  Her sense of style – tasteful yet elegant and suited for the occasion.
2)  Attentiveness to the conversation.  Wasn’t all about her but listened to me and kept conversation moving.
3)  Similar values, attitudes, and interests.
Regarding Amber, she has been wonderful.  She listens, gives me suggestions, and seems genuinely interested that I meet the right lady.
Finally please accept this as notice to put my membership on hold until further notice.

Since the first date

Dear Gianni
As we have discuss on the phone, I am so happy on how Steve and I have got along so well.  Since the first date that we felt so comfortable with each other. We are so honest and open to one another.  There is no subject that we can’t talk about or discuss. We love our family and our parenting style is so comparable. We like to be involved in our kids life’s and we encourage each other to continue to share time with our kids and have one on one with them. I can say that we are very similar in our values and believes.