Zeroed in on key aspects

Gianni, please place my account on hold.

Seana and I are enjoying ourselves.

She possess the following qualities I enjoy:

Willing to listen and not judge
Common sense
Relaxed conversationalist
Enjoy similar non-work activities
Gracious and appreciates acts of kindness
Bright , intelligent , and attractive

Gianni I have enjoyed visiting with you and how you zeroed in on key aspects within our journey with match making activities.

Like a good friend setting me up

Dear Gianni,
Thanks for introducing me to Eric.  He’s a solid man with a good heart and we’re enjoying taking some time to get to know each other.  So, please place my membership on hold.
Working with you as my matchmaker has been fun.  You made it feel more like a good friend setting me up.  I appreciate that you always take the time to listen to what’s important to me.
Thanks for your help!