Communicate so easily

Caryl is very easy to get along with, always looks nice, we get along great, like to do things together, have not had any disagreements because we can communicate so easily and we both agree that we don’t have the time to argue. We are both independent both financially and strong emotionally and look forward to long life together.

A great personality

Hi Gianni
What I liked about Kim…well here goes.
I liked that she has a very likable personality, she is active and her own person. Kim went on a trip to visit China by herself something I wouldn’t have thought to do or would do by myself. I would like to go on hold for now with hopes she would like to go out again when she gets back in few weeks. Gianni has a great personality and makes talking to her fun. She listens and try’s to make the next match something to look forwards to.
By for now.

Takes me for how I am

    I would like you to put my membership on hold for the time being. The experience with matchmaking is great, the choices that were presented to me were very good. Now to Joy she has become a very important to me, she takes me for how I am, and I take her for who she is. I cannot help but to smile when I see her, we can make each other laugh almost anytime.