Hi Jessica!
I would be happy to give you feedback on Annie.
#1)  Originally She didn’t respond to your call for her to respond to my profile/introduction. You set me up with another lady (that didn’t work out). You asked me again about Annie and I responded that when she didn’t respond before, let’s just move on, but you encouraged me to try again on her, so I did.
#2) She turned out to be the most interesting lady I have met so far through you. She is such a good  listener! I told her things I haven’t discussed with anyone else.She could sense I had a spiritual void in my life that I needed to work on. She invited me to her church services last Wednesday and Friday nights and I went to them both.
We went to a restaurant after each service and talked about the services and our lives.
#3) She has had a varied life, raising 7 adopted children, having a husband SHUT DOWN and leave her, being a school teacher who counsels children, and being a very spiritual person. She is a fantastic person.
I am confirming that I told you to  put my membership on hold to see how our relationship develops; both in the spiritual and personal levels.  
Jessica, you have been wonderful in your efforts to find a match for me. Each lady you have called me about;  you have been very thorough in bringing out their good points that I am interested in AND  being honest in the areas that I might not care for in that person. Thank you for hanging in there with Annie! You have such a nice positive attitude when I talk with you about each lady, that I feel you have done the research to try to find me that special someone I am looking for, but haven’t been able to do so on my own.
Thanks Again, I appreciate all of your efforts!

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