Hi Brie,

Well, I wanted to wait until we had our date on last Thursday.  But the weather stomped on our plans and we ended up having dinner at my new restaurant.  We both had a  wonderful time telling stories about our lives and finding out we were on a somewhat parallel track throughout our lives.

Karen is a classy, vivacious, smart lady to whom I have become quite attracted to.  I found it really easy to talk with her as our birthdays are only 18 months apart.  Neither of us are millennials, so our conversations contain a lot of history that we understand but others don’t.  In the meantime we are both trying to take the process easy..
To describe my experience with the matchmaking department has been an up and down process.  You are my third matchmaker and, by far, the most accommodating  matchmaker I have had experience with.  You have been very cooperative with me concerning distances to travel for a date.  St. Louis as a metropolitan area has more than doubled in my lifetime.  There is no percentage driving an hour and a half, one way,  for a date that has the possibility of a less than 50% chance to yield anything.  
So, with all the above information, I am requesting that you place my membership on HOLD while Karen and I take the time to get to know each other more. 
Thank You for being a good matchmaker.

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