Please put my membership on hold indefinitely!

Dear Brie,

I truly feel Good used you to bring Glenn into my life.  He is wonderful and more than I could have ever hoped for!  Thank you so much for reading and understanding my profile.  Without your experience, I would have continued meeting “non-starters” which the other matchmakers were urging on me.


Please put my membership on hold indefinitely!


God’s blessings,


You are awesome in your role as Match Maker

Hi Mariah,
I am happy to ask for a “happy hold”! I would like to see where Randy and I go. He is shy, but so charming and smart. It is refreshing to meet a man who is so kind, secure in who he is, and an absolute gentleman!
Mariah, you are awesome in your role as Match Maker, you listen to what is being asked for………and……deliver! Thank you!