Thanks for your hard work

Hi Gianni; i do want to go on hold long enough to get to know Jan better. She is intelligent and fun to be with. We share many common interest and I look forward to seeing her again.

Thanks for your hard work. You have done well matching me with some high quality ladies whom I also shared some interest with. I appreciate your upbeat personality and positive attitude! Thanks again.

Sweet and personable

Jan is a very sweet and personable lady. We shared information about each other for about 3 hours. She has a great sense of humor and easily conversed over a variety of subjects. Jan knows how to dress for the occasion and was at ease in the atmosphere of a shared meal and a glass of wine. She is attractive and has a feminine bearing. She can easily discuss a variety of subjects, asks questions, relates to the subject and is someone I will enjoy seeing again.

We’re a perfect fit!!!

Thank you, Jessica.

I appreciate the opportunity to tell you my feelings about Heidi. I find her to be one of the most beautiful, sexy, fun loving, tender hearted, heavily ladies I’ve yet to meet.  We have such great similarities it’s almost startling.  We enjoy the same interest in training, food, music, movies and travel stories.  We’re a perfect fit!!!

She’s meet and exceeded all my hopes and desires for a companion and I look forward to a very long term relationship with Heidi.


Another happy story!

Donna has been easy for me to be around. She is attractive.  She is quite open in her discussions.  She has had some difficult times in her life. I feel that we both need more time to figure out what we want.  The distance between our homes is an issue that  makes getting together somewhat of a challenge. However, I am confident that as our relationship continues the distance issue will diminish.   
Please put my membership on hold.