My matchmaker has taken the time to understand me

Just wanted to thank you for matching me with Deb.  She is an attractive women with a nice smile.  A very outgoing person who is educated, well mannered,  a good listener, very considerate, who appreciates who I am and her willingness to learn more about me.  A woman who has great family values and strong religious beliefs.   It’s nice to see how both of us were raised with wonderful family values.  My matchmaker has taken the time to understand me more on the type of person I’m looking for.  When they said she was Catholic it was nice to find someone with my religious Catholic background.   The matchmaker has made me feel comfortable and feeling confident that Deb and I would be a really good match and happy I had the opportunity to meet her.  I’m realizing our same religious background has allowed me to relate with her very well.  As I’ve gotten to know Deb more each time I feel more comfortable around her and enjoy our laughs together.  We also have very common interests and open to new things with her.
As I’ve met Deb I’ve had and interest in getting to know her more.  In order to learn more about her I would like at this time to place my membership on ” HOLD” at this time beginning as of Monday January 29th, 2018.
If any changes in my membership status I will notify my match service
Thank you

A perfect match

Hi Jenna,

On Saturday January 20, 2018 Bob and I met for lunch. With in minutes I was thinking to myself that I really like this man. Bob is definitely a family Man, he really care about his children, this was very important for me to know.  I have a very Close relationship with my children and grandchildren, so I really needed to know this up front.
Bob have a great personality, our conversations covered many topics that we both agreed with. Bob and I will be meeting again this weekend to learn more about each other.
I would like to thank Jenna for this introduction, Bob seems to be a perfect match, so right now I would to say good job Jena. This was the fourth introduction that I had through your company and the three previous ones I knew right from the get go this match was not for me.
I’m requesting that my membership is placed on Happy Hold.
Thank you Jena,