My dream man

Hi Brie and Matchmaker team ,

1- I think your policy of holding membership is great idea . Yes , I would like to place my membership on hold for now .
  2- I like working with Brie . Brie responded to my wish well . Due to age group , I like to meet man from 60 to 68 . I like men thin and tall . So far , Brie found my matches well , but unfortunately, the chemistry was not there … so I was keeping looking … Thanks Brie , we communicate well , even we missed each other phone calls some times . I hope you will find my dream man . Matchmaker is my last try 👍. I really get tired of website dating .
3- About Chris , he is educated man , he retired , so he has time and money to travel with me , that is important to me . He is a nice , gentleman, soft spoken , seem sweet person . He dressed up nice on first met , neat  person . He said I make him happy .. We will meet again and I hope I find that chemistry in him .
  Thanks Brie and your team to work hard for us , people who needs one good person for good life .

Zest for life

Theresa is sweet , kind , and has a very pure heart. She is someone I can trust with my heart and future. She loves nature and adventure new one and ones she has already had. She loves sharing her zest for life. I want to see her every chance we get. Please put my membership on happy hold.

We are astounded

Hi! Since Rick and I met 3 weeks ago, we’ve been on multiple dinner dates, attended music events, museum tours, movies, hikes and walks. We are astounded, even incredulous about how much we have in common. Each call or meeting uncovers yet more factors that mutual. Rick said yesterday that he feels we have only scratched the surface and placed his membership on hold as I have done today.
I admit, I was frustrated with my other date experience last year with your only other available match – I am feeling quite optimistic about this new relationship with gratitude that we were both in the same dating program at the same time.
Thanks and best regards,