Have found we are a match


Don and I have been dating one month and have found we are a match…we enjoy being with each other, laughing, and exploring new things.  Thank you so much.

With this new chapter in my life, I am requesting my membership be placed on hold.  We will keep you posted on how our relationship grows.

Thanks so much,


A charming lovely lady

Hi Patrice:
Thank You for matching me with Kirstene, she is a charming lovely lady! I like her cheery personality and want to take some time to get to know her to see if we are compatible.
I appreciate that you were able to match me with someone close to my age and values.
Thanks again.
Best Regards Harvey

Sweet, kind and caring

Thank you Sabrina — Bob and I are very similar.  We both have the physical touch need and affirmation need of the 5 love languages.  He is very sweet, kind and caring.  He loves my big family and they love him.  We love playing cards with him.  We enjoy the same kinds of food and fun.  We have been to the movies, farmers market, shopping, etc.  He cooks for me and is just a great guy.
I kid him and tell him he paid big bucks for me.  Guess that works both way, huh?
Thanks again, Donetta

Very attractive

So far there is an honest conversation with mutual interest. Our lives have been extremely busy so we haven’t spent that much time together but an acknowledgement of a growing friendship. And she is very attractive. Please place my account on hold.

I appreciate you

Good Morning Meridith

In response to the email regarding my date with Emma an the qualities the I saw in her during our first meeting. Her smile is one she has a great smile she is very down to earth and very easy to talk to she loves what she does but makes time for herself and her family. She is very family oriented and she has a very young spirt that is what I really enjoyed while we were having lunch.
We also had a very nice conversation together.
As for you I appreciate you listening to me and giving me the space and time while I try to figure out the next step in this dating saga. I feel you go above to find me someone that you feel best suits who I am and weather or not it works is up to me but you give me a great opportunity to find my match.
Please pause my account as I am trying to see if Emma and I can make a good couple

She make me feel so good!

Hi Meridith, It’s been a pleasure working with You so Far. Thank You

Regarding Randy, I find her so very easy to talk too.

And it certainly don’t  hurt that I find her very attractive.

Randy allows me to be myself and I am so at ease when with her.

She has a way of making me open up, and I find the time flies when I am with her.

I just can’t explain the way she make me feel so good! And that I want to see her more.