A strong sense of etiquette and integrity

Hi Jessica

Yes I would like to place my membership on hold for now.  I appreciate your taking more time to listen to the qualities I am looking for, as represented by your latest introduction for me, Harold. With both of us having grown up in significant sports pursuits we had a lot to talk about over our first dinner.  He is charming, intelligent education, funny, and seems to have a strong sense of etiquette and integrity I appreciate.  I also appreciate his motivation, drive, and balanced lifestyle.   Thank you again and I will be in touch.

Easy to talk to

Hi Sabrina,

Please put my account on hold.  Rick and I have been talking and texting since our lunch date 2 weeks ago. I left for vacation the week after and we’ve been still talking. He seems to be easy to talk to and is a very hard working person.  He is kind and sweet so I don’t want to discount him because he needs to cut his hair.
We are planning another lunch date today.  Let’s see how it goes for a little while.

I would like a “happy” hold.

Yes, I would like a “happy” hold.  I have asked Debbie for a second date and we are trying to coordinate schedules.  The distance is a challenge but we shall see.

I appreciate Debbie’s warmth, easy to talk to manner.  We seemed to connect such that I was surprised that it was a five hour date where so many of my other “first” dates were two or three hours.
Thanks for your efforts,