Hi Gianni,

Meeting David was so intriguing and fun.  We meet in a noisy restaurant.  They seated me near the wine cellar and the manager told me it was her favorite table because it was so private…I told her I am meeting a blind date and I am soooo excited…

He arrived and we had a glass of wine and an appetizer, then talked and talked…I really admire him…he is his mother’s escort to the symphony, plays, pops and travel…next week they go on a cruise together.  I think that is an awesome trait for a man to have.

We laughed when I told him a few of my funny Italian stories.  When we left we were the last people in the restaurant.  He texted me last night and today to tell me that he was thinking of me and wants to see me before his Journey.

Gianni has been a blessing to me.  Both David and I told one another (and my family and friends as well)  we had “sh*tty pickers”….

My first match did not go so well so Gianni ramped it up and called David about me.  She encouraged me to hang in there when I was ready to cancel and accept a partial.  Both David and I are please we both did not throw in the towel.  She gave us both hope!

When we meet again in the next day of so I will ask him if we want to hold off on other matches.  I will contact Gianni and let her know of our decision.

Thank you!


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