You have been the best

It was a pleasure to meet Dan. He was very charming, funny and our conversation just flowed. He was a gentleman and he walked me to my car which for me that was very impressive. I would like to see where this goes, so I would like to confirm that I want to put my membership on hold.  Thank you, Gianni, for matching me with Dan. You have been the best at guiding me through the whole process of my experience. Thank you again and I hope something comes from this date today.

This was the best meeting and date I have ever had in my life.

It would probably be easier to list the qualities I don’t appreciate about Jesse.  There are none…
Jesse is a man of very fine means and has all the qualities of a gentleman.  His manners, his dress, his voice (especially his voice), his tastes, his intelligence, his ability to have a conversation about anything, his concern about his health….need I go on?
This was the best meeting and date I have ever had in my life.  Time will only tell if we are compatible in our temperaments and our likes and dislikes.
So far, so good.  I hope he feels the same.
Thank you,


Hi Jessica,
Per our convo, even though we’ve only had one 1.5 hour phone convo, I really love Jessica’s open-mindedness and curiosity, especially about the energy healing work that I do, which, as you know, is very central to my world. I also love her understanding nature, sweetness, and generosity of spirit, e.g. offering to have her father come help with packing up my mom, etc.
Although we’ve had logistical challenges in having an in-person meeting, the potential upside of this match is such that I want to hold off on any other matches for at least one month, when we will hopefully be able to meet in-person.
My experience working with you thus far as been wonderful. You’ve been patient and listened to my desires and feedback regarding potential matches. And, I think you may really have hit something big, right out of the gate, with Jessica. I’m really crossing my fingers on that! Emoji
Thank you, and I hope to have a really awesome update regarding an in-person meeting with Jessica next month!