We have similar interests

Yes, I do want my account on hold. Cyndi is petite, slender and attractive. She is spiritual and lighthearted. We have similar interests including ballet, music, travel and a desire for adventure. She also understands that I have to spend a lot of time focused on my legal practice. She works hard herself and comes across as someone dedicated to her profession. She can be independent but like me would like to work and play as a team.

Much better than anticipated

Yes, I’m requesting a temporary hold on matches. My last match with Betty is going much better than anticipated. We have been on 5 date at this point and seem to have many things in common. I mostly appreciate her humor, honesty and her frankness. You always know where you stand with Betty!  We both want to see how far this goes and the only way to do that is to be exclusive for a while.
Thanks for your understanding and help,

If it weren’t for you we would not have found each other!


I am not sure where to start with Scott. He is an incredible human being! We both feel extremely lucky and grateful to have found each other. We would have never crossed paths or ran in the same circles in a million years.
We both have the same values and desires for our lives and our families. He is incredibly kind and accepts me for who I am. We have come along way and a short period of time. However, I think that’s because we were at the same point in our lives and ready to find our match.
I admire Scott’s work ethic and what he does for a living. He’s got a great job, a house and good friends. On that front we are equal.
I am pretty sure he adores me and has treated me like a princess. I am a strong independent woman and it feels great to be taken care of for a change.
We have laughed about being matched through the matchmakers. While we value the process, rules and structure we question how the information is shared by the matchmaker, you. We are both happy in sweats eating at home or having a beer and a burger somewhere.
The bottom line is that if it weren’t for you we would not have found each other!  I would recommend the process to anyone.
Thank you!