Orange Hearts


Thank you for the call and your encouragement.  In response to request to describe the qualities that I appreciate about Roya, it would be much easier to tell you what I don’t appreciate because the list would be blank.

Roya is a charming, attractive, intelligent women with a great sense of humor.  She is warm and caring and it was clear that she can be passionate.  She is also artistic and loves many of the genres that I enjoy.  I’m looking forward to spending more time getting to know her and seeing if we are truly intended for each other.

Jessica you’ve shown me that you do have a sense for matching individuals, or at least finding someone that seems to be a match for me.  I really appreciate you reaching out to me to be sure I am comfortable with the process, and how much joy you expressed when we talked about my first date with Roya.  I have total faith after talking to you that you truly want to help me find the right person to spend the rest of my life with!

I do confirm that I would like to be placed on Happy Hold. Thanks again,


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