Hi Emily,

I’m very excited about Tom.

He’s smart, energetic and kind.  He will be vulnerable with me (e.g. he admitted he asked his neighbor friend what to wear on our first date and she suggested a blue top to bring out his blue eyes).  He is clearly excited to know more about who I am; he asks lots of questions and then follows up by researching to learn more (e.g. my church).  He was very complimentary of me after our first date (he told me I was the smartest woman he had ever met before telling me that I’m attractive).  So, he values me and isn’t objectifying me.  He’s the kind of man who wants a friend and a partner.  He wants to grow together.

The matchmaking service set this one up perfectly.  My first 4 dates were with men who were concerned about finances and were asking to borrow things, or were sedentary, or were not interested in me as a person.  Tom is financially secure and independently employed.  He did worry whether I could cope with dogs as they’re important to him.  And, Tom is clearly interested in who I am as a person and how I came to be.  So, you all did this just right, thank you.

I’m glad to be on “happy hold” so that Tom and I can take the time to get better acquainted to determine if we’re a good match.  So, this is my confirmation that I would not like any additional dates at this time.  If necessary, will contact you to resume. 

Best regards, Lisa

Peach Love Birds on a Branch

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