5465645641684Hi Jess!  Just wanted to let you know how it was going with “L”.  As you know we had our first opportunity to meet at the beginning of January. My initial call to introduce myself was a little awkward but we met and had a great dinner.  We immediately hit It off and texted each other quite a few times.

A week later, partially as a joke I invited her to learn to rappel!  Date #2 was hysterical and we both survived!  We finished the date at a brewery where we really had a chance to talk and get to know each other while not hanging off the side of a cliff!

We have joked many times that what we couldn’t accomplish individually in more than one decade of trying, our matchmaker was able to do in ONE DATE!  I need to wrap this up as we are going Kayaking this weekend and I have some packing to do!  Just a brief list of things I love about her: She’s very smart, very pretty and as easy going as I am.  She has a sense of adventure and is always up to try new things.  Even though she isn’t experienced in most of the crazy things I like to do, she has incredible insight and never fails to communicate to me how she feels. The coolest thing about her in my opinion is that she has every excuse in the world to be pretentious, her looks, her success, education, but she just isn’t!  Oh, and I love her accent!   You can officially put me on “Hold” and I will do my best to hold on to “L”!

Thank you for everything!  “K”

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