Very satisfied with the service

Hello Kyana,

Let me start by saying I am very satisfied with the service I am getting from you! You have been simply amazing! your enthusiasm, personality, and clear attention to detail, have made a big difference to me.  So thank you! 🙂
As it refers to Katrin, I have to say things have gotten to a great start! She is sweet, intelligent, educated, and super fun to be with.  More importantly, I believe there is real chemistry between us!  I know we are just starting to get to know one another, but so far I can say she’s been a hit with me!
I wish to continue spending more time with her (and only her).  So I am requesting that you place my account on indefinite hold at this time.
Thank you very much for everything Kyana!


You nailed it

  What I was gleaming about after John and I departed from our date was that he and I talked for almost five hours the first night we met. I appreciated his easy going demeanor.  It made me feel comfortable to openly talk and engage with him about almost everything under the sun.  I appreciated that he was nothing less than a perfect gentleman at all times.  He made me feel as if I were the only woman in the room. I appreciated his personal attention.  I appreciated his gentleness and witty charm.  He was able to maintain playful banter without missing a beat.  I appreciated his genuine niceness.
  I would say that you nailed it as far as matching two people with similar characteristics.  John is almost everything that was on my wish-list!  Good job. I would please like to put a hold on my account for now.  John and I have a second date planned this weekend, I know he has a few surprises planned, so this should be exciting!!  Also, John spoke very highly of Kyana’s review about me, thank you!!  I hope this helps, if there are any other questions or further clarification needed, please call me!!

We hit it off really well

Dear Jessica,
I’ll give you some detailed feedback regarding my meeting today with Michelle. But the big news is that we hit it off really well, and I’ll be seeing her again next weekend. I’m very optimistic about Michelle and myself and eager to see her again—as, I think, is she to see me again. I’d say that the ‘chemistry’ in this case is definitely there and is both strong and mutual. Bingo! So, given all this I think it’s time I put a hold on any potential new matches. Is that how it works.

He is the one for me

Hi Kyana,
Per your request I am providing this written documentation to officially placing my membership on hold so I can get to know Brian.
There are so many wonderful qualities I am not sure where to begin.
Brian and I have a lot of the same interest but you already know that.  There was an instant connection between the two of us.
He loves the Lord as much as I do which was very important to me.
He loves to travel and he is financial stable……theses are all the qualities I wanted in a mate.
He is funny and easy-going….my first impression…..he is the one for me.


Hi Kyana:
Thank you for putting my membership on hold while Charleen and I spend some time getting to know each other.

Charleen is fun and outgoing, very active in the outdoors, loves to travel, and is a very passionate person. These are all qualities that have attracted me to her. She is physically fit which matches well with my activities. And, she is beautiful.

Kyana, working with you as my matchmaker has been wonderful. You have been professional while still maintaining a friendly and fun demeanor. You also sent me a match that is amazing who I want get to know much better!

Thank you,

Everything under sun

Good morning Kyana,
Thank you for the introduction to Steven.  He is very easy to talk to and we talked  just about everything under sun and found out we have a lot in common. He told me he is a spontaneous person and I am not, but I am open to the challenge and look forward to it.  We both want to take things slow starting out as friends and see we go from there.
That being said I would like to put my membership on hold.

An amazing Matchmaker!

Hi Brie,

First off you have been an amazing Matchmaker! You seem to truly care about your clients and show a genuine interest in hearing about the dates, and use that feedback to continue to improve the quality of the matches. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to try and predict who will have a connection and who will not, but you do a fantastic job! You truly care and it shows.
In regards to Yapin, what an amazing woman. Sure, she has physical beauty, but that is only a fraction of what she has to offer. Yaping has class, intelligence, kindness, a great career just to name a few. She shows genuine interest in getting to know me and ask questions as well as sharing her own experience. She sent me a thank you text after our first date. This simple gesture meant so much to me. I am very excited to continue to learn more about Yaping and get to know her better, please put my membership on hold for now as I do.
Thank you for the amazing job you do! All the matches have been good people, Yaping is exceptional!

Generous and charming

First, I would like to say that you have been very easy to work with and have always been responsive to my observations and requests.
Mark and I met at the Dead Fish Restaurant a couple of weeks ago.  He was very generous and charming and I felt a good connection to him.  I’m an extremely cautious person, but Mark is outgoing and very positive.  Over the preceding two weeks we have been out 3 or 4 more times, and he has visited me at my home and met my children and grandchildren.  Our circumstances are very different, but with a common result – Both our homes are multi-generational.  Mine is a bit more crowded, but Mark’s daughter lives with him and probably always will.  We are comfortable with this, and will find a way to work around it if we move so far in our relationship that we become permanent.
For now, it is a pleasure to spend time with Mark, to hear of his faith and learn about his family.  I would like to place my membership on hold as I explore this new relationship.
Again, you have been very good to work with.
All my best to you in your career.
Thank you,