Can’t Stop Smiling

Hi J.

Tracy and I had our first and second date in the same weekend both of them lasting over 6 hours! We closed down the restaurant both nights. I’ve never had so much in common with a woman before. We high-five each time we discover a new similarity.

I can’t believe you kept matching me with gorgeous, intelligent ladies over and over, but I’m ready to put my membership on hold to really pursue Tracy.

I’ve barely slept since our first date. I can’t stop smiling. I never dreamed I would find someone I connected with like this. I feel like I’m finally getting my life back. Thank you.



Going to get Married

After meeting Mary I could see the quality of what I am looking for, and we continued to date and we have so many things in common and now we are going to get Married. Thank you for the wonderful match so with that please take me of the list and no longer match me.

Perfect Match

Our Matchmaker did a great job putting Don and myself together. Were a perfect match. We met on my birthday and have been together ever since. Don always says the Matchmakers did a beautiful job introducing us.