The best one yet

Thanks Gianni,

Brandi is warm, kind, and considerate. She is also intelligent and dedicated in both her work and personal lives. I’m very much looking forward to getting to know her better.
I appreciate your diligent efforts in the search, and the matches have been improving with each iteration. Brandi is no exception, so that makes her the best one yet!
I am confirming that I would like to have my membership placed on hold.
Thank you!

No negatives at all

Shari is,
Beautiful, sexy.
Smart, accomplished-successful.
She’s easy to talk to.      Good conversationalist.
She’s fun to be with.    She is considerate.    She is appreciative.
She’s open-minded.
No negatives at all and I confirm hold.
– Ken

I am engaged

Good morning Ashley!
I would like to let you know I am engaged with Tim.

Planning to get married in Feb. 24.
I am sorry that I am unable to see Scott.
I have a question that since I have at least 4 more time to take the match is this can be transferred to my friend? Please let me know, thanks!

We have mutually decided to date exclusively.

Hi Arlyn,

After quite some time, you introduced me to Mark whose personality matches wonderfully with mine.  We have the same sense of humor and share several interests.  Please put my membership on hold as we have mutually decided to date exclusively.
Thank you for listening to me once you and I connected.  I spoke with several reps at Matchmakers but you picked up the ball and found my match.

You have been very intuitive

Hi Gianni,

I am confirming putting my account on hold while I get to know Marty.
You got this one very close.  Of course I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but we have similar qualities and values.  He’s a christian and that is the most important thing to me, he’s a family man and appreciates his family.  He’s responsible, healthy for his age, vibrant, and even though we both are older and have issues with what I call aging he doesn’t let that hamper living.  He is very humorous and yet serious.  Very easy to have a conversation with.  He is a gentleman as in ways of manners, opens my door, leads me like a lady should be lead into buildings and treats me very respectfully.  The amazing and odd thing is that we had already had met before Matchmaker put us together.  He attends the VFW and I just started volunteering at the VFW.  When we spoke the first time we started putting two and two together and actually made it quit comical that we had already met.  He is the “country boy” type I am looking for and his morals and values are what I am looking for in many ways.
Each time I would call and as I call “fine tune” my wants in a date you have been very intuitive and asked questions after my concerns of what I had just experienced in one of the dates that was set up.  You take the time to get to know me and look back on what I have checked as my answers and as we go along in the process that fine tuning or tweaking occurs that we sometimes don’t know till after an experience with a date happens you seem to understand that things might change my way of what I want.  You have been nothing but polite and considerate and I am treated with the utmost respect.  Thank you for this.  Makes it easier to work with you.

She is amazing

Hi Jessica just want to say that Elena and I are seeing each other and she is amazing funny witty smart everything I was looking for yes go on and put my  membership on hold I’ll probably call you in about a month and let you know if I need to use it I don’t think so but do you don’t know you guys of done a great job define exactly what I want it I couldn’t be happier thank you so much

A blessing to me

Hi Gianni,

Meeting David was so intriguing and fun.  We meet in a noisy restaurant.  They seated me near the wine cellar and the manager told me it was her favorite table because it was so private…I told her I am meeting a blind date and I am soooo excited…

He arrived and we had a glass of wine and an appetizer, then talked and talked…I really admire him…he is his mother’s escort to the symphony, plays, pops and travel…next week they go on a cruise together.  I think that is an awesome trait for a man to have.

We laughed when I told him a few of my funny Italian stories.  When we left we were the last people in the restaurant.  He texted me last night and today to tell me that he was thinking of me and wants to see me before his Journey.

Gianni has been a blessing to me.  Both David and I told one another (and my family and friends as well)  we had “sh*tty pickers”….

My first match did not go so well so Gianni ramped it up and called David about me.  She encouraged me to hang in there when I was ready to cancel and accept a partial.  Both David and I are please we both did not throw in the towel.  She gave us both hope!

When we meet again in the next day of so I will ask him if we want to hold off on other matches.  I will contact Gianni and let her know of our decision.

Thank you!


Thanks for connecting us!

Hi Jessica,
Yes, Daniel and I are still dating and I would like to pause my membership in order to give us to chance to see what this could be.  🙂
Also, my last two matches haven’t been the greatest so it’s definitely made me appreciate him more.  Daniel is super kind and caring.  He’s really interested in getting to know me to see if we have something real.  Some of my favorite things about him are how supportive he is and how caring he is.  He’s funny, smart, handsome and a genuinely nice person.  I’m always learning something new from him, which I love.  He makes me feel good about myself and makes me really happy.
Thanks for connecting us!  🙂  I’m hoping this leads to something great!

She tells me she loves me all the time. As I do her.


We hit it off right away. In fact we were not alone on our 1st date. We went to a real nice restaurant to play trivia and eat supper  with some of her friends

I knew she like me she wanted all her friends to meet me. A good sign for sure. Also, we have seen each other 12 out of 14 days since our 1st date. Look up the word Nice in the dictionary and you will see her picture. She’s in the real estate business and has many repeat customers. That says a lot about her. She has gone through major tragedies the last 3 years

She tells me she loves me all the time. As I do  her.

I don’t want to date anybody else at all. You can tell her about any part of this letter if you  want too.


p.s. Enjoy the flowers and the sauce