Good job

Love in a Pink Heart

Hello, this is “E”

I want to be put on Happy Hold.

This is because you introduced me to “S”- she also notified you to place her on hold.

I’ve been working on finding the best person for the rest of my life, so I was waiting.  Chaep’n found me the perfect match!  Thank you so much, good job.

It’s 13 days since our first date, and we will have our 7th and 8th dates this weekend.

Good job.  ~ “E”

My first introduction was PERFECT


Please place my name on your “Happy Hold” list. “J”, my first introduction was perfect. Everything I am looking for.  I got the impression that she was satisfied also and am trying to set up a second date to let us get better acquainted.

Due to my schedule it has been difficult for me to establish a good day to meet again but I am working on it.

Thanks for your wonderful service.  More than I really expected and am extremely pleased with this first and who knows maybe the last introduction needed!!

Thanks again.


Blue Love Birds

I am looking forward to the future…

Sparkly Love ArrowMarie,

I do want to put my membership on hold because D and I have decided to be exclusive. He is the perfect person for me. We have many commonalities and have similar personalities. He is attractive, kind, loyal, social, fun, and has many good friends. He is probably the most normal guy that I have ever dated.

I am looking forward to the future with him and am so very happy that I met him.