Exactly as I’d hoped

I appreciate the work you did in assisting me with my search for a soulmate. The process was always easy & made comfortable in meeting each of my perspective women. My experience was exactly as I’d hoped once I had signed up & began my dating. 

I truly believe my discovery in meeting T is a dream come true ❤️. We are very happy with one another & am so blessed to have found a partner whom share my same ideas/feelings about life. T is a woman of deep faith, warm smile, & loving personality. I’d have to say my favorite quality she possesses is her even temperament & kindness. Everyone adores her everywhere we go including my family with whom I’ve introduced her☺️. Many thanks! & am so happy to have found you both❤️



We have many common interests

clipart-bird-couple“J” is kind, considerate, funny, romantic and intelligent. We have many common interests. We hit it off on the first day. Then we saw each other a week later and then, because of illness and me having a vacation and company in town, we didn’t see each other for three weeks but we picked up right where we left off.

Please put my membership on a happy hold.