November 12, 2013

Hi Marie,
I’m sorry it took me so long to respond, thanks for being so patient.  I’d like to start off with: Suzi and I have developed a great friendship.  We have the same likes and dislikes in the political world, religion, and things to do before and after we retire.  I look forward to continuing our relationship and finding out more things that she likes and dislikes.  At this time, with Suzi and I, I foresee a tying of the knots in our future.  And yes, you’ll get an invite.
Thank you very much,  Dean

November 9, 2013


I would like to place my membership on hold. I think Brenda is a very nice lady and I’m interested in getting to know her better. She’s pretty, has a great personality, funny, easy to talk to.

As far as the service, you personally provided good service and always prompt in returning phone calls.



October 22, 2013

Hello Marie
Thank you very much for introducing me to Ken. He is a lovely gentleman and we hit if off immediately. I will forward a picture to you. I would like my membership to be put on hold for the time being so I can explore this possible relationship with Ken.
Thank you again for you kindness and hard work to bring me together with this wonderful person.
Warmest Regards,

October 22, 2013

Hi Marie,

The first date with Vicky was great.  I’m really hoping there was a typo below in your note and I’ll describe some of the qualities I appreciate in her!  She is gorgeous, vibrant, open and confident, very conversational, interesting, and gives an incredible good night kiss (hopefully only to selected, lucky recipients).

You, Marie, have been super to work with. I really appreciate your listening closely to my feedback and striving to find that connection that will sustain.

While I felt positive that there was some reciprocity of first impressions with Vicky, you can never be sure in this dating game.  If it peters out, I’ll be back in touch.  In the meantime, I’ll go with my instinct and put the membership on hold!



October 19, 2013

Hi Marie!!

Well Maricruz has a great sense of humor! Loves sports!! Love the same type of music and our beliefs and views seem to be very much alike… so for these reasons I would like to get to know her better before moving forward!!

Thanks for your help.


October 11, 2013

Dear Meg,


This note is to confirm that my membership has been on hold and to thank you for all you have done so far in my efforts to find that perfect guy.  So far I think you hit it on your first try. I have been impressed with the comfortable yet professional way you all have handled this project and I understand now that some of your rules are to be taken more seriously than I was led to believe.

I have already referred two more clients to you and am hopeful that you will be able to help them as well.

I will let you know when I know where Bruce and I are going from here.

Thanks, Kaye


July 24, 2013

Donni – I am confirming that my membership is on hold.
The qualities in Ken that brought me to this decision are as follows:
He is very attractive.
He is very sweet.
He loves animals (even my cats).
He is very health conscious and takes very good care of himself.
We get along very well and I really enjoy spending time with him.
Ken is actually my first match so I didn’t work with you on this.  It was Megan (I believe that is her name).  Please thank her for me.
Please let me know if you have other questions.
Thank you so much.

July 2, 2013


This email is in regards to my 2nd match. Her name is Krista and she is an amazing woman. We share a lot of the same likes and dislikes as well as activities. We are both avid golfers, which is what we did for our 3rd date. I have played golf for 20 years and had never really played with a woman, I was pleasantly surprised when she beat me soundly. We also have a lot of the same appreciation for music, different styles and genre’s.

Krista is not only very attractive and “my type”, she is also kind, nurturing, very intelligent, independent & hysterically funny. The first date was a very simple sushi dinner. Once I realized I had the chance to date this phenomenal woman, I turned it up a notch. Extensive planning went into our 2nd and 4th dates.

I would like to put my membership on hold while I try and win her over. Wish me luck!