December 15, 2011


After meeting Albert, I feel like I want more time to get to know him and appreciate his many positive qualities. He is a very honest and caring person. I am quite comfortable spending time with him and would like to investigate our relationship on a one on one level.


December 6, 2011


When you meet someone and the rest of the world slows down, you want to enjoy that moment and stay frozen in that moment and pray it lasts. That is how I feel with Linda. I am happy and smiling and may be in love. I find my heart is full and the world in slowing down so I can be happy.


November 29, 2011


I know it sounded unbelievable to choose somebody on the first date. I like Corey because the first day we went out, he made me feel like I’ve known him for a long time. He made me laugh and I feel comfortable around him. He is very caring too.


November 21, 2011


The things that I like about Evelyn is that she has compassion like I do and she is a dance instructor and I always wanted a relationship with some one that dances. She is perfect for me and I for her. She is Catholic and wants to know about Christianity. We are sharing with each other the things that we wanted to know. But besides that we get along very well, even though at first we did not have thoughts or feelings for each other until we go to know each other more. We just click and like each other. It’s only been four months that we have been together so we need more time to see what will happen.


November 21, 2011


What to say about Elizabeth? Wow!!! Pretty much describes my first date. She has a love of life, is willing to explore and try new things, enjoys a lot of the same things I do, is well-mannered and is naturally beautiful. This service has been very beneficial in my life and getting me out and meeting new people in a confidential manner. Thank you for the positive experience.


November 16, 2011


Michael was my second date and I think I knew we were going to be good friends when I looked into his lovely eyes. His big smile was also captivating and I knew immediately that he was special. So much so that we can not stay away from each other and I spend 3 days a week at his ranch with his wonderful mother. We have been playing like teens, running to the renaissance faires, glass blowing exhibits, to the gem shows at the fair and gardening at his place to put in a wonderful winter garden and 2 green houses. He is very romantic and we have talked about the possibility of falling in love in the future as we continue to grow together and learn one another. All is well and life is beautiful. I think and hope that you made a true love connection.


November 11, 2011

Hello Megan,

Roberta and I are kind-of living together. We are totally compatible; uncannily, as if it were a blessing. She is fearless, loving, sensual, and open to affection. She is open to new ways of thinking, acting, foods to eat, and cooking.

So, put me on hold because it is unlikely to end any time soon. I am very lucky and indebted to you for an amazing gift of love.