We are on date #3 today!

Hi Megan-

Please place my membership on hold.

Some things I appreciate Gene:

  • He has called me every night since our first date
  • He is very open and honest
  • Big on communication
  • Handsome 🙂
  • Seems like someone who would challenge me (in a good way) as far as communication and being more in touch with a relationship

Very happy with this match so far – we are on date #3 today!

Thank you, Lisa Sixties style mod pop art psychedelic colorful Love text design.

We are getting married next weekend!

Heart Target Means I Love You Achieved

Hi Noemi,

Just thought we should let you know that John and I are extremely happy and getting married next weekend!  We are going to Italy for our honeymoon, then moving into our new home together.  Without your service, none of this would be possible. 

Thank you! 

Love, John and Katherine

It was a very good experience working with your team.

Vickie is very even-keel, no peaks and valleys. She loves to travel for weekend getaways. She is very excited about planning our wedding which she has total control of. I am very lucky to have found my soulmate.

Couple heart

Thanks to the matchmakers for introducing us to each other. It was a very good experience working with your team to meat quality people and find the woman who put the smile back on my heart.