Thank you for all your help!


Dana is a great lady! What I like about her is her sense of humor, she’s very kind and she seems to be a very loving person with a big heart.  She is very attractive.

Jes, you are awesome, thank you for all your help!

I would like to put a hold on my account, so I can get to know Dana a little bit more.


We have the same goals…

Love Birds Green and Gray


I have found Mary to be smart, open, honest and dependable. There seems to be a mutual interest and we have the same goals. Yvonne has been helpful and responds in a timely manner. Most important to me, she matched me up with someone with the same goals. At this time, I would like to place my account on hold so Mary Jane and can have time to get to know each other.


He’s a perfect gentleman


I would like to go on hold with Daniel. I have really enjoyed how much we have in common in almost every aspect of our lives. We are also able to talk for hours and it never gets old! I can definitely see a future with him at this point, he’s a perfect gentleman. We have planned a trip in a couple weeks, just because we both had time off work. Hope to enjoy seeing the tourist side of him. We both talk about the love of history, etc.


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