The best so far

Hi Arlyn- yes I am confirming that I will put my membership on hold so that Martin and I can get to know each other more.  The qualities I like in Martin so far are that he is attentive, respectful, courteous ( opened doors for me), and engaging.  He was candid with his thoughts and feelings without being overbearing or “pushy”.  Overall he was easy to talk to and was kind.  In regards to my experience with you Arlyn-you have been easy to reach and respond quickly.  I feel heard by you and this match has been the best so far!  It is not easy to find a man in my age range with children around the same age-let alone someone who lives nearby!  I know Martin and I are not a match regarding formal education-but he certainly has a lot of life experience-so we will have to wait and see how that plays out.  Other wise I think you found many of the qualities I was hoping for in a man.  Hope this helps-take good care—JoAnn

He brought me a boutique of flowers


I meet John at Longhorn Steakhouse.  He brought me a boutique of flowers and gave them to me when we met on the parking lot.  Our date lasted about 2 hours.  The longest date I’ve had with a match.  John is a gentleman, i.e. opens doors, walks you to your car, etc.  Our conversation during dinner was pretty good.  We’ve had a few phone conversations since the date and he has texted Good morning most days since the date.  Still got to get to know him better before I can determine if he is a true match.
I’ve enjoyed working with you as my matchmaker the most!  My previous matchmaker didn’t really match me to what I was looking for.   You really listened to what I’m looking for in a match.  I enjoyed working with you!
Please place my membership on hold.
Thank you,

An honest man

November 19th 2018
I met Randy yesterday for a coffee.
We talked about 2 hours.
I think he is an honest man, hard worker, appreciates the healthy eating and physical activities.  He is polite and apparently a good listener.
I want to put my membership in hold to get to know him better.
I will contact you in the future if there is any changes.
Thank you!
Happy holidays! 🙂
Thank you!