Each Match Got Better and Better

Blue Love BirdsGianni took a great amount of time to not only understand a lot about me, but to also understand the type of person that I would be interested in.

All of this became abundantly clear as we proceeded through the process — each match got better and better. This kept me interested in the program and I always felt each match could be a great one.

Denise was a great fit from our first date. I was attracted to her and really appreciated her characteristics and personality as we have gone along. She was exactly the type of person I hoped to meet when I started with the program.

Great job Gianni! I will miss talking with and laughing with you.


I want to see if the spark is real…

Hi Jessica,

It’s been nice talking to you and while you seem nice, I’m sure that’s mainly because you are setting me up with women and that is exactly what I’m looking for right now.

Although we’ve only had the one date, I think I would like to see Beth again before being set up with somebody else so I guess I am confirming that yes, I would like to be put on hold for now. We seem to have a lot in common and I want to see if the spark is real.

Aside from being cute and having a great smile she seems smart, well-traveled which makes me jealous,  she works hard to be able to play when she’s not working, and she just seems to have a great outlook on life.

Thanks, Plaid HeartDan