I appreciate your work on my behalf…

Hi Raquel,

I found “J” to be genuinely interesting, and interested. I liked that she was active as a swimmer and bicycler, which are a couple of things that we have in common. A big plus was that she was confident and relaxed, and didn’t seem to be trying too hard to make an impression. She definitely has the personality I am attracted to.

I appreciate your work on my behalf and believe you’re beginning to figure out what I’m looking for, so you have me feeling hopeful.

Please proceed with my hold. I will be in touch.


“R”Love Tree PSD

So far, so good!


This is “S” and I want to thank you personally, Chaep’n, for matching me with “E”!!!!!

I want to be put on Happy Hold with him so I can continue to get to know him better. So far, so good!

I am having a great time and hope it continues. So glad you suggested he call me. I know it took a little persuasion!! Thank you!  “S”

You have been very helpful…

Heart BubblesJess,

This reply is to confirm that I want to put my account on hold.

In reference to “K”, she has many qualities that I like.  She is a very passionate woman and is not afraid to express her feelings.  She also likes affection as I do.  We connect intellectually and have already had some very good discussions about our lives, etc. I feel we are both interested in seeing where this goes and I look forward to getting to know her better and hopefully finding my life partner.

Jess…I can say that you have been very helpful in explaining how things work with your company but also have been a very good listener in reference to my ideas and priorities.  And I thank you for that.